Jerry Brown on Immigration

Last Updated : Oct 20, 2010


Governor Brown has called for amnesty for illegal aliens.  He has used the term "pathway to citizenship" and declared that he would give everyone citizenship.


Support for amnesty through a path to citizenship


Support for Amnesty when Labeled as "Comprehensive Reform"

During a debate for the gubernatorial debate in 2010, Governor Brown stated that he supported amnesty through a "comprehensive reform package." He stated that he supported deporting people who broke laws other than federal immigration law, social security fraud, or any other law that resulted from immigrating illegally.


Free Education for Illegal Aliens

At a campaign rally in mid October of 2010, Governor Brown states that he would sign legislation within months of being elected that would allow everyone in California to attend college free of charge. He goes on to state that those who are in the country illegally could also attend college in the US free of charge.

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