Sarah Palin on The War in Iraq

Last Updated : Dec 14, 2010


In early 2007, Governor Palin was asked about President Bush's plan to send additional troops to Iraq in a surge strategy. Governor Palin was hesitant of the plan and stated that an exit plan was needed. She neither condemned nor supported the plan.

Since being selected as the Vice Presidential candidate in 2008, Governor Palin has been a consistent supporter of the war in Iraq. During the 2008 Vice Presidential debate, Governor Palin excoriated Senator Biden for supporting Senator Obama's plan to establish a timetable for withdrawal and lampooned him and Senator Obama for opposing the surge strategy. She credited the surge with reducing the level of violence in Iraq.

In September of 2008 Governor Palin was criticized for stating during a church service that her son and others going to Iraq were on a mission from God. She was asked about this remark in subsequent interviews and stated that she was discussing god's plan for each person and his plan for the nation as a whole.

In November of 2009, Governor Palin was supportive of the surge strategy in an interview with Bill O'Reilly and noted that the same sort of strategy should be employed in Afghanistan.


Need for an Exit Plan

In March of 2007, Governor Palin was interviewed by the Alaska Business Monthly and was asked about her opinions on the President's plan to send more troops into Iraq. In that statement, she noted that she supported the President but that there was a need for an exit plan. She did not support the surge plan, but did openly condemn it.


VP Debate

During the Vice Presidential debate, Governor Palin stated her support for the surge strategy and called a plan that involved timetables for withdrawal a plan for defeat.


A Task from God

In September of 2008, Govnernor Palin was interviewed by Charlie Gibson and was asked about controversial comments that she made at her church regarding the war in Iraq. She stated to the congregation that her son would soon be leaving to serve in Iraq and that the men being sent there were on a task from God. When asked about the statements in an interview, Governor Palin stated that she meant that God had a plan for everyone and that being there may be part of his plan for America as a whole and Americans in general.


Bill O'Reilly Interview

In November of 2009, Governor Palin was interviewed by Bill O'Reilly and spoke about the success of the surge strategy and the need for victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. She stated that the goal of our enemies is to kill us here in the US and if we are not successful there, then the terror cells would reemerge and plan more attacks.


Call for Humility and Honesty

In August of 2010, Governor Palin issued a statement on facebook noting her opinion of what President Obama should say during a planned speech about the war in Iraq. She noted that as a Senator, he opposed the war in Iraq and especially opposed the surge strategy. She noted that the President should be humble in declaring the end of combat actions in Iraq when he opposed the methods used to bring about that end.



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