Sarah Palin on The War in Afghanistan

Last Updated : Dec 14, 2010


Governor Palin has been a vocal supporter of the war in Afghanistan. During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Governor Palin was vocal in her support of McCain plan to implement a surge in Afghanistan, similar to the one performed in Iraq. She noted the Obama campaign's opposition to such a plan as a stark difference. She was consistent in the need for a surge in the debate, and in interviews.

In August of 2009, she issued a statement support a plan proposed by General McChrystal to initiate a surge style strategy in Afghanistan. In October and November of that year, when that plan was implemented by President Obama, Governor Palin praised the action. She has stated that the US must be successful in Afghanistan and if they aren't, the country could slip back into the hands of those who made is a safe haven for those who attacked us.


The Vice Presidential Debate

During the Vice-Presidential debate in the 2008 Presidential elections, Governor Palin and Senator Biden spoke about the strategy in Afghanistan. Governor Palin stated that there needed to be a surge in Afghanistan similar to the one in Iraq. Senator Biden stated that the General there did not believe that a surge would work, but we needed additional troops and funding.


Katie Couric Interview

During the 2008 campaign, Governor Palin was interviewed by Kaite Couric and stated that the McCain / Palin campaign was calling for a surge strategy in Afghanistan.


We Must Win In Afghanistan

In August of 2009, Governor Palin issued a facebook statement noting her views that President Obama was correct when he asserted during the campaign that Afghanistan needed more resources and that the war in Afghanistan must be won.


Barbara Walters Interview

In November of 2009, Governor Palin was interviewed by Barbara Walters and discussed the situation in Afghanistan. The Governor accused the President of dithering on Afghanistan and stated that he should listen to General McChrystal and send in additional troops.


Support for the Surge in Afghanistan

In December of 2009, Governor Palin issued a statement noting her support for the surge strategy in Afghanistan and President Obama's recommitment to the mission.


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