Sarah Palin on The Second Amendment

Last Updated : Dec 14, 2010


Sarah Palin is a strong supporter of second amendment rights. She is a life-long hunter, and life time member of the NRA. In a 2008 interview, Governor Palin stated that she opposed any ban on semi-automatic weapons. When asked if she did not want to reduce gun violence, she stated that people who commit crimes with guns are already violating the law and that making guns illegal would only prevent law abiding people from owning guns.

Governor Palin was very supportive of the supreme court's decisions that the D.C. handgun ban and the Chicago ban were unconstitutional. In a statement, she noted that the ruling confirmed that the second amendment was an individual right to bear arms.


Charlie Gibson Interview

In September of 2008, Governor Palin was interviewed by Charlie Gibson and asked if she supported a ban on semi-automatic weapons. She stated that she did not support such a ban.


When asked about gun violence, Governor Palin noted that people who murder other people are already violating the law and that making another law to prevent gun ownership would only prevent law abiding citizens from owning guns.


The Chicago Handgun Ban

In June of 2008, Governor Palin issued a facebook statement noting her support for a recent supreme court ruling affirming second amendments rights and the unconstitutionality of the Chicago handgun ban.


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