Ron Sparks on Taxes

Last Updated : Aug 24, 2010




Campaign Website Statements

Tax Policy

Commissioner Sparks has made a no-new-taxes pledge, and, as governor, he will not increase taxes on working families. That promise includes keeping the sales tax holiday in place and supporting efforts to remove the sales tax on food.


Four Year Appraisals

As governor, Ron Sparks will eliminate Governor Bob Riley’s property tax increase created by the annual appraisal of property. Sparks will return to a four-year appraisal schedule previously enjoyed by Alabama homeowners prior to Bob Riley’s tax increases.


No annual property tax appraisals

No state sales tax on groceries

Won’t support tax increase on families and small business

Gambling tax eliminates need for new or increased taxes


Alabamians spend $1.2 billion on gambling

Should be state regulated

Should be taxed

Local voters should decide

Establish gaming commission

Tax supports Medicaid and Special Education Trust Fund

Gambling is here



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