Time for DesJarlais to Go

Nov 16, 2012 - OPINION
By and large, the Republicans do a decent job of forcing out representatives that are involved in sex scandals with the obvious exception to this being Senator David Vitter in Louisiana. Still, you don't see Barney Frank level corruption in sex scandals where those involved get to stay around for decades. If the Republicans hope to maintain even the slightest level of decency within the party, Congressman DesJarlais cannot remain in office past this session.
After campaigning as a pro-life candidate in 2010 and 2012, it was revealed a few months ago that the Congressman had multiple affairs while working as a medical doctor in the 1990's. At least one of those women - who was also a patient of his - apparently became pregnant and the good doctor encouraged her to have an abortion. For reasons that no one could ever rationally explain to me, doctor DesJarlais apparently decided to record one of these conversations and the Huffington Post unearthed it in 2012.
After the election, Huffington Post was also able to find (apparently as part of the 2000 divorce documents) that Doctor DesJarlais and his wife twice decided to have an abortion during their marriage. Those abortions were apparently for family planning purposes only. This from a man who states that he is pro-life and PROUD of it (emphasis his).
It's time for this man to go. Misleading your constituents about your views is bad enough. It's worse when you have ended what you claim to be a life and then proudly proclaimed your pro-life views.

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