News Flash - SNL Is Not Funny

Sep 21, 2012 - OPINION
A number of you will be surprised to hear this, but Saturday Night Live is still on the air. You probably won't be surprised to when you hear that no, it still isn't funny. With rare exception, the last funny skit that SNL did was the Odd Couple spoof when Governor Bush and VP Gore tied for the election in 2000.
The recent opening skit in which SNL attempts to mock Fox News and Mitt Romney's recent taped statements proves once again that the show really only functions as a poltical wing, attempting to mock those it opposes. The sole purpose of the skit is to use the backdrop of the taped 47% statements to brand Romney as a racist.
The skit starts off with an actor playing Romney being taped in a similar setting as the 47% statements. The only funny moment was he directly asks the person recording if he has a camera and the camera itself moves back and forth. "Romney" then proceeds to state that who he's really talking about when he says "people who don't pay taxes" are not white southerners or old people, but really black people.
Once this routine is over, other videos are shown of Romney rejecting a McDonald's burger, riding in a cab, and singing in the shower. None of these "videos" is even remotely based in reality and none of them are intended to be funny. They are merely political ads doing what the Democratic party can't do on its own due to the veneer of decency that still applies to Presidential elections. 
The real purpose of these videos is to strip Governor Romney of any presence of professionalism that should accompany a Presidential candidate, to paint him as a fool, a racist, an elite moroon with no real sense of the world around them. SNL isn't doing that to get a laugh or to make money, it's simply trying to help its candidate and party of choice by mocking their opponents.
Sound far fetched? In early 2008, SNL did a skit mocking the Democratic party for lack of backbone in standing up to the Republicans. In one part of the skit, George Soros speaks at a podium and is described by the words on screen as the owner of the Democratic video. That skit promptly disappeared from the internet and was never to be spoken of again.
The simple truth is that saying SNL is funny is like saying Jimmy Fallon should be considered for an Oscar because of the range he displayed in the portrayal of multiple personas and accents in the latest capital one account. 

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