Indiana Senate Race May Get Rough

Apr 26, 2012 - OPINION
The GOP establishment is 1 for 2 in getting their nominees in place. The managed to get State Treasurer Josh Mandel shoe-horned into the Ohio Republican nominee for Senate, but failed to get Steve Welch into that spot in Pennsylvania. Conservatives are 0 for 2 in these states since an actual conservative didn't win in either state.
In the Indiana Senate Race, Richard Mourdock is attempting to force out Senator Richard Lugar, who has been in office since 1976. As we will write about soon, Senator Lugar's conservative credentials are poor at best. However, State Treasurer Mourdock has already accused Senator Lugar of not having a pro-life record mere because he supported President Obama's nominees to the Supreme Court.
Hopefully, seeing Josh Mandel win the Ohio nomination and keeping Steve Welch from getting the nomination in Pennsylvania were wake up calls for conservatives. Maybe this non-loss will carry over into the primary elections for both Senator Lugar in Indiana and Senator Hatch in Utah, who was just forced into a primary after failing to secure the nomination through delegates.

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