H Res 5 in Congressional Session 105

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Bill Number : H Res 5


Title : Adopting the Rules of the House for the One Hundred Fifth Congress.


1/7/1997--Introduced. Provides for the adoption of the Rules of the House of Representatives of the 104th Congress as the Rules of the House for the 105th Congress with amendments as outlined in this resolution.

(Sec. 1)

Amends rule I (duties of the Speaker) to allow the Speaker to postpone (for consideration within two legislative days) further proceedings on a vote objected to on the grounds that a quorum is not present with respect to the question of: (1) agreeing to a motion to recommit a bill considered from the Corrections Calendar; or (2) agreeing to an amendment to such a bill.

(Sec. 2)

Changes (also in rule XI (rules of procedure for committees)) current references to the "contingent fund of the House" to references to "applicable accounts" for committee salaries and expenses, House Information Systems, and allowances and expenses for Members, House officers, and administrative offices of the House.

(Sec. 3)

Requires the Speaker to develop, through an appropriate House entity, a system for drug testing of House Members, officers, or employees that is comparable in scope to the system for drug testing in the executive branch.

(Sec. 4)

Amends rule V (Chief Administrative Officer) to provide that the Chief Administrative Officer of the House shall have responsibilities assigned by, shall be subject to the policy direction and oversight of, and shall report to, the Committee on House Oversight (currently, such Committee and the Speaker).

(Sec. 5)

Amends rule X (establishment and jurisdiction of standing committees) to give jurisdiction over: (1) measures relating to the budget process (currently, the congressional budget process) to the Committee on the Budget; and (2) government management and accounting measures, generally (currently, budget and accounting measures, generally) to the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight.

(Sec. 6)

Renames the Committee on Economic and Educational Opportunities as the Committee on Education and the Workforce.

(Sec. 7)

Requires the joint approval by the chairman and ranking minority party member of the Committee on House Oversight of the amount of any payment before a House employing office may enter into a settlement of a complaint under the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995.

(Sec. 8)

Amends rule XI (rules of procedures of committees) to set forth special authorities with respect to the filing of committee investigative and oversight reports.

(Sec. 9)

Requires each committee to make its publications available in electronic form to the maximum extent feasible.

(Sec. 10)

Requires the written statement of proposed testimony required to be submitted by a witness appearing before a committee in a nongovernmental capacity to include a curriculum vitae and a disclosure of the amount and source of any Federal grant or contract received during the current fiscal year or either of the two previous fiscal years by such witness or by an entity represented by the witness.

(Sec. 11)

Repeals provisions prohibiting House committees from sitting, without special leave, while the House is reading a measure for amendment under the five-minute rule.

(Sec. 12)

Allows a committee to adopt a rule or motion permitting: (1) an equal number of its majority and minority party members each to question a witness for a specified period not longer than 30 minutes; and (2) committee staff for its majority and minority party members to question a witness for equal specified periods.

(Sec. 13)

Requires each report of a committee on a bill or joint resolution of a public character to include a statement citing the specific powers granted to the Congress in the Constitution to enact the law proposed by such legislation. Repeals a provision requiring each report to contain an inflationary impact statement.

(Sec. 14)

Changes the period allowed for a committee member to file additional views on any measure approved by the committee from not fewer than three calendar days to not fewer than two additional calendar days after the day the member gives notice of such intent. Permits the committee to arrange to file its report with the Clerk within one hour after the expiration of such time.

(Sec. 15)

Allows a committee's primary expense resolution to include a reserve fund for unanticipated expenses. Requires the approval of the Committee on House Oversight before any amount from such fund is allocated.

(Sec. 16)

Amends rule XIII (calendars and reports of committees) to revise procedures for the consideration of bills on the Corrections Calendar.

(Sec. 17)

Provides that a report from the Committee on Ways and Means on a bill or joint resolution designated by the Majority Leader as major tax legislation may include a dynamic estimate of the changes in Federal revenues expected to result from enactment of the legislation. Requires the Joint Committee on Taxation to render such estimate only in response to a timely request from the chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means.

(Sec. 18)

Amends rule XXI (bills) to prohibit from being reported in a general appropriation bill a provision which makes the availability of funds contingent on the receipt or possession of information not required by existing law for the period of the appropriation. Makes it out of order to consider an amendment of such nature to the bill.

(Sec. 19)

Defines "income tax rate increase" for purposes of provisions requiring approval of a Federal income tax rate increase by a three-fifths vote as any amendment to specified provisions of the Internal Revenue Code that imposes a new percentage as a rate of tax and thereby increases the amount of tax imposed.

(Sec. 20)

Amends rule XXIII (Committees of the Whole House) to allow an amendment proposing only to strike an unfunded mandate from the portion of the bill then open to amendment, if otherwise in order, to be precluded from consideration in the Committee of the Whole only by specific terms of a special order of the House.

(Sec. 21)

Amends rule XXVII (changes or suspension of rules) with regard to motions to discharge filed with the Committee on Rules.

(Sec. 22)

Amends rule XXXII (admission to the floor) to prohibit a Member, officer, or employee of the House, or any other person entitled to admission to the Hall of the House or rooms leading thereto by this Rule, from knowingly distributing any political campaign contribution in such areas.

(Sec. 23)

Repeals rule LI (employment practices).

(Sec. 25)

Amends rule X to establish a Select Committee on Ethics to be composed only of members who served on the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct at the expiration of the 104th Congress. Grants jurisdiction to the Committee only to resolve the statement issued by the Investigative Subcommittee of the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct in the 104th Congress relating to the official conduct of Representative Gingrich and otherwise report to the House on the Subcommittee's activities. Abolishes the Committee upon final disposition by the House of a report designated by the Committee as its final report on such matter or at the expiration of January 21, 1997, whichever is earlier.


Title : Adopting the Rules of the House for the One Hundred Fifth Congress.
Votes in the US Senate
This Bill was not Voted in the US Senate
Votes in the US House
Roll NumberVote DateQuestionDescriptionVote Result
61997-01-07On Agreeing to the Resolution Rules of the House of Representatives for the 105th CongressP
51997-01-07On motion to commit with instructions Rules of the House of Representatives for the 105th CongressF
41997-01-07On Ordering the Previous Question Rules of the House of Representatives for the 105th CongressP


Congressional Sponsors of H Res 5
Bill Number : H Res 5

Title : Adopting the Rules of the House for the One Hundred Fifth Congress.

Sponsor: Rep Armey, Richard K. [TX-26] (introduced 1/7/1997)      


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Bill Number : H Res 5

Title : Adopting the Rules of the House for the One Hundred Fifth Congress.


(Floor Actions/Congressional Record Page References)
1/7/1997 2:51pm:Considered as privileged matter. (consideration: CR H8-27)
1/7/1997 2:51pm:DEBATE - The House proceeded with one hour of debate.
1/7/1997 4:25pm:On ordering the previous question Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: 221 - 202 (Roll no. 4).
1/7/1997 4:26pm:Mr. McDermott moved to commit with instructions to Rules.
1/7/1997 4:46pm:On motion to commit with instructions Failed by the Yeas and Nays: 205 - 223 (Roll no. 5). (consideration: CR H26)
1/7/1997 5:05pm:On agreeing to the resolution Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: 226 - 202 (Roll no. 6).
1/7/1997 5:05pm:Motion to reconsider laid on the table Agreed to without objection.