Given that most crime related statutes are dealt with at the state level, the issue of crime isn't addressed by many national representatives. Governors and candidates for Governor usually lay out a platform to deal with crime.

There are no significant votes tracked for crime at this time.

If a US representative addresses the issue, it is usually concerning racial profiling and crime. Drug related positions are addressed under the Illegal drugs tab. 


Additional Legislation

Each year, there are numerous bills introduced that are not voted on in the House or Senate. These bills may be sponsored by numerous people and a representative's co-sponsorship of that legislation gives insight into that person's viewpoints.

Senate Bills on Crime
SessionBill NumberCo-SponsorsBill Title
111S 178923Fair Sentencing Act of 2010
109S 213812End Racial Profiling Act of 2005 or ERPA

House Bills on Crime
SessionBill NumberCo-SponsorsBill Title