2012 Tennessee Senate Race - Candidates, Debates and Primary Results

This page displays the information for the Tennessee senate race. This includes candidates, dates, and political views. The tables below show the candidates for the general election with an option to compare those candidates after the primary. This is followed by the primary candidates and the number of political views we have for each representative. Selecting one of these representatives takes you to the profile for this candidate and a full list of their political positions, speeches, and controversies.

2012 Tennessee Senate Race - General Election Candidates

General Election Candidates and Results
Tennessee senate election - class or district 1
64.9%1496668RBob Corker
30.4%700753DMark Clayton
1.6%37964GMartin Pleasant
0.9%20813IShaun Crowell
0.8%18490CKermit Steck
0.3%8043IMichel Long
0.3%8036IJames Higdon
0.3%7105ITroy Scoggin
0.3%6469IDavid Gatchell
Election Information for Tennessee
Primary DateAugust 02, 2012
General DateNovember 06, 2012
IncumbentBob Corker
Incumbent StatusSeeking Re-election
Election ProjectionSolid Republican
Presidential Election2012 Election

2012 Tennessee Senate Race - Primary Election Candidates

Democrats - Primary Election
Democrat senate Primary Election in Tennessee - class or district 1
30%48066Mark Clayton2
15%24725Gary Davis0
15%24205Park Overall2
11%17374Larry Crim0
10%16352Benjamin Roberts4
10%16138Dave Hancock0
8%13360T.K. Owens0
Republicans - Primary Election
Republican senate Primary Election in Tennessee - class or district 1
85%388781Bob Corker41
6%28270Zach Poskevich9
4%16213Fred Anderson0
3%11770Mark Clemens0
3%11661Brenda Lenard9

Description of Election

Primary Elections

The Tennessee Senate race features an incumbent Republican going up against numerous primary opponents. Of these opponents, only Zack Poskevich and Brenda Lenard have put forth statements of their positions on issues. As with most contests featuring an incumbent, this race is likely to see Senator Corker win the primary easily.

The Democratic side of the race seems to be a complete tossup. Dave Hancock is a State Senator who seems to be putting forth no effort in the primary, including no website. Other candidates include actress Park Overall. The lack of action on the Democratic side seems to indicate that the seat isn't worth challenging.

Important Dates

DateImportant Item
March 06, 2012Primary election date for the Presidency.
July 03, 2012Last day to register to vote in the August 2, 2012 primary election date.
August 02, 2012Primary election date for the House and Senate.
October 09, 2012Last day to register to vote in the November 6, 2012 general election date.
November 06, 2012General election date - House, Senate, and President on the ballot.

Past Election Results

Election Results for Senate seat class 1 in Tennessee in 2012
Past Election Results - US Senate Seat Class 1 - Tennessee
Harold Ford
Bob Corker
Jeff Clark
Bill Frist
Jim Sasser
Bill Frist
Jim Sasser
Bill Anderson
Jim Sasser
Robin Beard