2012 Missouri Senate Race - Candidates, Debates and Primary Results

This page displays the information for the Missouri senate race. This includes candidates, dates, and political views. The tables below show the candidates for the general election with an option to compare those candidates after the primary. This is followed by the primary candidates and the number of political views we have for each representative. Selecting one of these representatives takes you to the profile for this candidate and a full list of their political positions, speeches, and controversies.

2012 Missouri Senate Race - General Election Candidates

General Election Candidates and Results
Missouri senate election - class or district 1
54.7%1484683DClaire McCaskill
39.2%1063698RTodd Akin
6.1%164991LJonathan Dine
Election Information for Missouri
Primary DateAugust 07, 2012
General DateNovember 06, 2012
IncumbentClaire McCaskill
Incumbent StatusSeeking Re-election
Election ProjectionSolid Democrat
Presidential Election2012 Election

2012 Missouri Senate Race - Primary Election Candidates

Democrats - Primary Election
Democrat senate Primary Election in Missouri - class or district 1
100%288986Claire McCaskill32
Republicans - Primary Election
Republican senate Primary Election in Missouri - class or district 1
36%217240Todd Akin42
30%180678John Brunner9
29%176082Sarah Steelman12
2%9798Jerry Beck0
1%7408Hector Maldonado5
1%6099Robert Poole2
1%3205Mark Memoly9
0%2285Mark Lodes3

Description of Election

General Election

Senator McCaskill will face the winner of a broad class of candidates from the Republican side. Missouri has been a tossup for Senators since 2000, and Senator McCaskill won with just 50% of the vote in 2006, a time when Democrats were much more favored than 2012.

Primary Election

Senator McCaskill is not facing a primary challenger. There are a total of 8 candidates running for the Republican Senate nomination including current Congressman Todd Akin, Former State Treasurer and former State Senator Sarah Steelman, Businessman John Brunner, former Marine Jerry Beck, and Mark Memoly. There have been several debates that include various candidates in the Republican primary, some of which we have below.


May 25, 2012RKY3 / Locke and Smith FoundationTodd Akin, Sarah Steelman, John Brunner, Mark Memoly, Jerry Beck
January 30, 2012RKRZK DebateTodd Akin, Sarah Steelman
January 16, 2012RKTRS / St Louis Beacon DebateTodd Akin, Sarah Steelman

Important Dates

DateImportant Item
January 11, 2012Last day to register to vote in the February 7, 2012 Presidential primary.
February 07, 2012Presidential Primary
July 11, 2012Last day to register to vote in the August 7, 2012 primary election.
August 07, 2012Primary election date for President, Governor, Senate, and House.
November 06, 2012General election date - House, Senate, Governor, and President on the ballot.

Past Election Results

Election Results for Senate seat class 1 in Missouri in 2012
Past Election Results - US Senate Seat Class 1 - Missouri
Claire McCaskill
James Talent
Jean Carnahan
Jim Talent
Mel Carnahan
John Ashcroft
Alan Wheat
John Ashcroft
Jeremiah W. (Jay) Ni
John C. Danforth
Harriett Woods
John C. Danforth