2012 Florida Senate Race - Candidates, Debates and Primary Results

This page displays the information for the Florida senate race. This includes candidates, dates, and political views. The tables below show the candidates for the general election with an option to compare those candidates after the primary. This is followed by the primary candidates and the number of political views we have for each representative. Selecting one of these representatives takes you to the profile for this candidate and a full list of their political positions, speeches, and controversies.

2012 Florida Senate Race - General Election Candidates

General Election Candidates and Results
Florida senate election - class or district 1
55.1%4427888DBill Nelson
42.3%3403007RConnie Mack
1.5%124370NFBill Gaylor
1%80414NFChris Borgia
Election Information for Florida
Primary DateAugust 14, 2012
General DateNovember 06, 2012
IncumbentBill Nelson
Incumbent StatusSeeking Re-election
Election ProjectionSolid Democrat
Presidential Election2012 Election

2012 Florida Senate Race - Primary Election Candidates

Democrats - Primary Election
Democrat senate Primary Election in Florida - class or district 1
79%687750Bill Nelson36
21%184751Glenn Burkett0
Republicans - Primary Election
Republican senate Primary Election in Florida - class or district 1
59%659403Connie Mack42
20%226288Dave Weldon23
14%155501Mike McCalister0
7%82133Marielena Stuart4

Description of Election

The Primary

Incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelso will not face a challenger in the primary. However, a large number of Republicans initially sought the nomination for the Senate. The Republican party eventually backed Congressman Connie Mack and were able to force some of the candidates to withdraw. These candidates include former Senator George Lemieux, State Senator Mike Haridopolos, William Fisher, State Representative Adam Hasner who is running for Congress in the 22nd district, and Craig Miller who is now seeking a House seat in the 6th district.

Of the candidates that remain in the race, there are still several viable candidates, including former Congressman Dave Weldon, Deon Long, and Marielena Stuart. Mike McCalister has a good history and would be a solid candidate, but has not put forth any position statements.


October 17, 2012R, DWPTV DebateBill Nelson, Connie Mack
November 25, 2011RTEA Party Florida ForumMarielena Stuart, Deon Long, Mike McCalister, Ron McNeil, Craig Miller

Important Dates

DateImportant Item
January 03, 2012Last day to register to vote for the Presidential Primary on January 31, 2012
January 31, 2012Presidential Primary
July 16, 2012Last day to register to vote in the August 14, 2012 primary.
August 14, 2012Primary election date for House and Senate.
October 09, 2012Last day to register to vote in the November general election.
November 06, 2012General election date - House, Senate, and President on the ballot.

Past Election Results

Election Results for Senate seat class 1 in Florida in 2012
Past Election Results - US Senate Seat Class 1 - Florida
Bill Nelson
Katherine Harris
Bill Nelson
Bill McCollum
Hugh E. Rodman
Connie Mack
Buddy MacKay
Connie Mack
Lawton Chiles
Van B. Poole