2012 Connecticut Senate Race - Candidates, Debates and Primary Results

This page displays the information for the Connecticut senate race. This includes candidates, dates, and political views. The tables below show the candidates for the general election with an option to compare those candidates after the primary. This is followed by the primary candidates and the number of political views we have for each representative. Selecting one of these representatives takes you to the profile for this candidate and a full list of their political positions, speeches, and controversies.

2012 Connecticut Senate Race - General Election Candidates

General Election Candidates and Results
Connecticut senate election - class or district 1
55.1%784075DChristopher Murphy
43.2%615273RLinda McMahon
1.7%23912LPaul Passarelli
Election Information for Connecticut
Primary DateAugust 14, 2012
General DateNovember 06, 2012
IncumbentJoseph Lieberman
Incumbent StatusNot Seeking Re-election
Election ProjectionSolid Democrat
Presidential Election2012 Election

2012 Connecticut Senate Race - Primary Election Candidates

Democrats - Primary Election
Democrat senate Primary Election in Connecticut - class or district 1
67%93506Chris Murphy0
33%45098Susan Bysiewisz0
Republicans - Primary Election
Republican senate Primary Election in Connecticut - class or district 1
73%83684Linda McMahon17
27%31407Christopher Shays16

Description of Election

Primary Election

The left leaning state of Connecticut finds itself without an incumbent Senator for the second time in as many elections. The Democratic race started with 5 candidates, but Matthew Oakes and William Tong have dropped out. This leaves current Congressman Christopher Murphy, former Secretary of State and State Representative Susan Bysiewicz, and established activist Lee Whitnum to compete for the nomination.

The Republicans find themselves in a similar situation. Early contestants Brian Hill and Peter Lumaj have suspended their campaigns and Kie Westby failed to get the signatures needed to appear on the ballot. This leaves former Congressman Christopher Shays and business woman Linda McMahon. Mrs McMahon narrowly lost a senate bid in 2010 to Richard Blumenthal.


June 14, 2012RHartford Courant - University of Connecticut DebateChristopher Shays, Linda McMahon
April 07, 2012DHartford Courant - University of Connecticut DebateSusan Bysiewicz, Christopher Murphy, William Tong, Lee Whitnum, Matthew Oakes
August 27, 2011RWorking Family Party DebateChristopher Murphy, Susan Bysiewicz, William Tong

Important Dates

DateImportant Item
January 24, 2012Last day for enrolled party members to switch parties before the April 24, 2012 primary.
April 19, 2012Last day for new or unregister voters to enroll into a party for the April 24, 2012 election. Mailed in forms must be received by this date.
April 24, 2012Primary election date for the House, Senate, and President.
October 23, 2012Last day that a person may register to vote or a mailed in ballot must be received by this date.
November 06, 2012General election date - House, Senate, and President on the ballot.

Past Election Results

Election Results for Senate seat class 1 in Connecticut in 2012
Past Election Results - US Senate Seat Class 1 - Connecticut
Ned Lamont
Alan Schlesinger
Joseph Lieberman
Phil Giordano
Joseph Lieberman
Jerry Labriola
Joe Lieberman
Lowell P. Weicker Jr
Anthony Toby Moffett
Lowell P. Weicker