2012 Arizona Senate Race - Candidates, Debates and Primary Results

This page displays the information for the Arizona senate race. This includes candidates, dates, and political views. The tables below show the candidates for the general election with an option to compare those candidates after the primary. This is followed by the primary candidates and the number of political views we have for each representative. Selecting one of these representatives takes you to the profile for this candidate and a full list of their political positions, speeches, and controversies.

2012 Arizona Senate Race - General Election Candidates

General Election Candidates and Results
Arizona senate election - class or district 1
50.2%834128RJeff Flake
45.4%754117DRichard Carmona
4.3%72216LMarc Victor
Election Information for Arizona
Primary DateAugust 28, 2012
General DateNovember 06, 2012
IncumbentJon Kyl
Incumbent StatusNot Seeking Re-election
Election ProjectionSolid Republican
Presidential Election2012 Election

2012 Arizona Senate Race - Primary Election Candidates

Democrats - Primary Election
Democrat senate Primary Election in Arizona - class or district 1
100%242825Richard Carmona8
Republicans - Primary Election
Republican senate Primary Election in Arizona - class or district 1
69%289743Jeff Flake35
21%88746Wil Cardon7
6%23660Clair Van Steenwyk13
4%15839Bryan Hackbarth5

Description of Election

Primary Election

Republican Senator Jon Kyl has retired and opened the door for a the Arizona Senate seat to be a toss up this year. The Democratic race started as a two man competition between the former head of the DNC in Arizona Don Bivens and Richard Carmona. Bivens dropped out of the race in April, leaving Carmona as the only candidate backed by the party.

On the Republican side, the race is consists of current Congressman Jeff Flake and a large group of people trying to catch up to the officially backed candidate. Douglass McKee switched to a House race early in the competition and then withdrew from that race when his wide became ill. This has left radio host Clair Van Steenwyk and a few private businessmen going against the Republican machine in that state.


July 02, 2012RLD28 ForumJeff Flake, Bryan Hackbarth, Wil Cardon, Clair Van Steenwyk

Important Dates

DateImportant Item
January 30, 2012Last day to register to vote in the February 28, Presidential primary.
February 28, 2012Presidential primary election date.
July 30, 2012Last day to register to vote in the August 28, 2012 primary election.
August 28, 2012Primary election date for the House and Senate.
October 08, 2012Last day to register to vote in the November 6, 2012 general election.
November 06, 2012General election date - House, Senate, and President on the ballot.

Past Election Results

Election Results for Senate seat class 1 in Arizona in 2012
Past Election Results - US Senate Seat Class 1 - Arizona
Jim Pederson
John Kyl
Jim Pederson
Jon Kyl
Sam Coppersmith
Jon Kyl
Dennis DeConcini
Keith DeGreen
Dennis DeConcini
Pete Dunn