2012 Michigan Elections

Dates and Overall Election Information

Important Dates
Presidential PrimaryFebruary 28, 2012
Primary DateAugust 07, 2012
General DateNovember 06, 2012
Who's up for election
House14 Districts

Michigan Elections in 2012

OfficeIncumbentStatusNumber of Democratic CandidatesNumber of Republican Candidates
PresidentBarack ObamaSeeking Re-election17
Senate Class 1Debbie Stabenow (D)Seeking Re-election18
House District 1Dan Benishek (R)Seeking Re-election11
House District 2Bill Huizenga (R)Seeking Re-election1
House District 3Justin Amash (R)Seeking Re-election21
House District 4Dave Camp (R)Seeking Re-election21
House District 5Dale Kildee (D)Not Seeking Re-election12
House District 6Fred Upton (R)Seeking Re-election12
House District 7Tim Walberg (R)Seeking Re-election13
House District 8Michael Rogers (R)Seeking Re-election22
House District 9Gary Peters (D)Seeking Re-election12
House District 10Candice Miller (R)Seeking Re-election21
House District 11Thaddeus McCotter (R)Not Seeking Re-election22
House District 12Sander Levin (D)Seeking Re-election22
House District 13Hansen Clarke (D)Seeking Re-election51
House District 14John Conyers (D)Seeking Re-election51