PoliGu - Purpose

This site provides a profile for each representative that shows their views on political issues and is meant to provide any information a potential voter might desire. This information includes:

  • Voting statistics such as party-line and missed votes
  • Election results for the office they hold
  • Bills they sponsored
  • Key votes on issues
  • Controversies associated with the representative
  • Political positions on issues ranging from abortion and health care to energy and Iraq.
  • Speeches, debates, and campaign ads

A user can find their representative by entering their zip code in the navigation pane on the right side or by selecting their state under the representative tab. The elections tab also allows a user to see any candidates running for election, including the incumbent.

Within each political view, a short summary of that representative's viewpoint is given based on the available data. This summary is not intended to be opinionative in nature, but merely to summarize the available data. Below that summary is a listing of the information for that candidate or representative relating to that item.


Vote data is collected from the official sites for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, and PoliGu then calculates that data to determine the voting statistics. Bill data is collected from Thomas, the Congressional data storage system named after Thomas Jefferson. A representative's political view on an item is based on press statements, floor speeches, public speeches, statements on campaign or official websites, interviews, voting records, and debates. The press statements are taken from their official sites, and any other information comes from referenced news items or displayed videos.


Many candidates provide a brief summary of their positions on a few issues. Other candidates simply do not have the financial means to put together a professional website diplaying their opinions. We provide an in-depth questionnaire on all topics and allow any candidate to answer those questions through an email or through our website using their facebook login. This is intended to allow those lesser funded candidates to get out their message and to force incumbents and better financed candidates to answer questions on their positions.

PoliGu - About Us

Poligu.com has no affiliation with any outside group. We do not accept money from candidates or promote candidates within the profiles.